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Ice Cream Bunny - riff edition


Showed this off recently to the parents.  I'd like to note English has some difficulty describing how many levels this movie fails on.

Rifftrax does a wonderful job with it and all its agony-inducing, but my parents, well, they seemed offended somehow this movie existed. :)


The Secret World of Arrietty - review

Saw this tonight (quiet theater on a weekday), the latest Ghibli piece.

Review based on the classic 'Borrowers' novel below cut.Collapse )


Beta NDA has been lifted

Got into star wars beta last weekend, and the NDA is up  So - got through a little Sith Warrior and I was pleased.  They said it was story-driven and they're not kidding.  Lots of interaction with NPCs all the time, strong developed, I thought the quest structure was well played.  I didn't get far enough for insights into character growth mechanically, but I think the story would hold playing LS versus DS on the same character class, even.  Possibly even just doing it again if you gave it some time. :)

Text of sermon

Gave a sermon today, several people asked to have it posted.



This is pretty long, listed below cut.Collapse )



Haven't done this in a while

But wanted to note - one of my best friends set his wedding date.  Congratulations, you know who you are!

Also, if you liked Iron Man and especially Iron Man 2, go see Thor.

Seasons greetings!

Happy holidays, one and all, and hope you can be close to your loved ones!

I'm feeling old

I caught, between the in-theater version and two on DVD, the entire Back to the Future trilogy last week.  I was impressed with the plotting, and our difficulty in coming up with any fridge logic (barring the whole 'how did Doc, Marty, and the De Lorean stick around after Biff brought the Almanac to 1955' thing) in the movies.

Also, how good the generally pre-CGI effects work holds up against CGI work.  And tends not to looka s badly inserted (compared to say, Prince of Persia, which was nice, but often clearly CGI work)  I'm starting to feel old and crotchety that we've lost something in the fleeing from models...


Quick roundup

First, ignore the meaningless poster, ignore the bad first weekend returns:  go see Scott Pilgrim.  It's crazy, has good coreography, and puts emotional baggage through the lens of videogame style boss fights.

Second: I'm seriously worried about relapsing.  Going Rogue is out for City of Heroes and sounds fun (I find COH easier to 'hang around' in somewhere like Pocket D or Atlas Park than World of Warcraft, so I'm more tempted)

I do need to drop my STO subscription.  Too many levels of thin interaction and too-same fights without a need to switch powers around.  (I found my basic build at level 12 or so, and I've been happy with it)


First, go check squid314.livejournal.com/275614.html out.  Marvel at the shoddy storytelling the Universe gets away with.

Second, go see Toy Story 3 - I don't even want to spoil it, though the ending probably qualifies as a good test if your friends and loved ones have been replaced by Pod People if they aren't at least misty-eyed at the ending (it's a GOOD sad though!  Go see it!)