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I've been putting this off

Right, this one's late, but I've been mulling my reaction for a while.

Star Trek was a lot better than I feared.  (A lot of the preview stuff seemed to show a somewhat... healthy disregard for previous styling, and the last outside director was responsible for Nemesis You may have edited this one from your memory.  Healthily, at that case, it's normal procedure for an extreme traumatic event. :p

Anyway - they did a great job with casting, not quite the people we know, but the people to grow into those (and not quite the legendarily capable people, except Scotty, but frankly, every one in Starfleet who's touched Engineering branch is an utter genius - and they've rightly upgraded Uhura's capabilities (and a bit of the snark at the funny, but somewhat fridge logicy piece in Star Trek VI when they can't translate straight up)).  Spock is dead on, Chekov is eager, Sulu's pretty confident, Scotty is awesome (though I'm a giant Simon Pegg fan, so take that with a grain of salt). 

Kirk though - and I hope he improves now that he's had some character growth - total, utter ass.  Seriously, utter jerk.  (I like some of the novel's theory where he preprogrammed a reputation - either the Klingons buy him dinner, or they are so eager to take the legendary Kirk they end up fighting each other just as much).  This time, standard, obvious, cheat codes.  Bah.  Still, it was nicely exciting, and having the big opening phrase at the end hopes they do get some exploring new worlds in, always a major part of Star Trek (that, and the hope that humanity CAN get it right in the future, and move on to nobler pursuits). It was a nicely exciting intro  and the captains did try peace first.

Having Spock Prime show up was interesting, Nimoy came out of retirement, did a good job.  On the major issue - clearly, alternate universe.  Besides small things like the Enterprise launching twenty years later (though it could be refitted - Earth spacedock's not quite as impressive (more the Starfleet Troopers multiple points on a central hub than the giant structure)) the whole styling is different.  If I were to  make a guess, this is a Starfleet Battles offshoot universe.  Multiple phaser banks firing forward?  Short range rapid-fire defensive energy turret?  That reads more like SFB refitted destroyers, actually.  Also - according to stats, the new Enterprise is massive.  It's actually longer than the Enterprise-E at the end of the timeline, and three  times the size of the original Constitution.  That's not just alternate timeline, that's a supiciously similar universe.

And my major styling complaint (the embedded overlays look on the console was an interesting different futuristic take, I can let that pass) was Engineering.  Where's the traditional cathdral-to-power warp core dominating the space.  This was just... pipes.  It was a chemical factory, not some massive engine ( apparently they shot in a beer factory).  It seemed a major break from the usual big 'titanic powers'.