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Okay, another review, so there are spoilers obviously.  Firstly: capsule:  It's a fun summer movie, lots of action (in many respects, the action is far superior to the first movie; Bay learned to keep his camera zoomed out far enough to see what's going on, and the cgi/real interaction is excellent) but it's about an hour and a half of plot crammed, barely, into a two and a half hour movie.  Bay seems more in charge here, with a greater explosion content and less boy-and-robot (Presumably, Spielberg let Bay do all the storyboards this time).

Okay, it wasn't all bad.  I liked the Witwicky interaction again.  Sam is a dork.  But pretty much lovable.  Mikaela had some to do through most of the action sequences (and also provided the Summer Blockbuster Fanservice Quotient.  I'm not complaining, mind, it's just some of the shots are pretty obviously staged to check that off the list).   Lots more robot action on screen.  Agent Simmons is much more tolerable outside the system than he was in Sector Seven, and goes a long way towards being an interesting character he wasn't in the first movie.  There aren't any subplot situations like the long drawn-out signal trace in the first one.  We're pretty much on center.

Course, when Optimus dies, it does tend to focus everyone's attention.  (At the end of a three on one battle against the biggest bad guys from the first movie.  He holds out very well when he's not having to pull punches).  The second half of the movie (after Simmons somewhat impassioned cry to know the plot, right along with the audience) deals with the Transformers ancient visit to Earth, and finding the relics involved, linked to a refueling system for the Allspark that the Fallen (a former Prime, Megatron's mentor, and a guy who makes Megatron's heady disdain for organics seem like a mild automatic grumbling) had built on an inhabited planet.  Unfortunately, with the Allspark's general power level, the refueling mechanism is suns.  The ancient TFs generally went uninhabted, but the Fallen apparently didn't like humans, so the other Primes sacrificed themselves to lock away the key mechanism for any refueler, as well as the Fallen.

Incidentally, this does allow the possiblitiy now of the Autobots rebuilding their race using uninhabited systems to make new protoforms, so yay.  However, you may have noted I was somewhat vague on the Fallen's impassioned hatred for humans. That's because the movie is.  Megs, the Screamer, and the Fallen get one scene on one of Saturn's moons to build personalities.  That's more than just about any new Transformer (or any of the old Autobots) got, we never saw them interacting except the annoying bots. Wheelie (who does have a bit of an arc, MIkaela basically uses aversion therapy to give him a conscience) and Skidz and Mudflap.  Who are caricatures.  Seriously, it bothered me a bit.  If it really bothers you, dont' see it.  Really, don't.  All the old Autobots, even with the death of their ancient leader?  Barely anything.  The new Autobots, a couple lines each.

The movie goes forever, with a general one minute plot, five minute awesome fight format.  I would've been happy losing some of those middle fights to get some actual characterization.  I may be spoiled, I guess, by Transformers Animated, which balanced its human/action/character growth dynamic better.  The last fight is like forty minutes trying for Sam to get a sock to Optimus.  This is an unfair description, but it's a long fight.  Lots of good pieces in it, but long fight.  Long enough, in fact, after a large amount of dramatic 'Only a Prime can stop him', and Jetfire (more on him in a bit) sacrificing himself to power up the just-revived Prime.. it's about two minutes to blow away the refuleer, nearly cut Megatron in half, and rip the Fallen's face off.  That's it, we're done.  Seriously, all the characterized characters got a much shorter fight scene.  It's weird.

That said, again, the action is excellent. If you want to go in seeing giant alien robots killing each other, you seriously will not be disappointed, but I did want this to build on the very good first movie's heavy (for an action movie) character interaction.  Also; Jetfire, the senile old former Deception Seeker, fallying apart with age and energon depletion, was a lot of fun.  And he pretty bravely gave of himself for the final fight.  And his landing gear served as a cane.  Awesome.