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Late review

Sorry, I've been sick and I"ve got GenCon reactions I'd like to post and also sick.  My friend and I were pleased 'knowing is half the battle' got worked in less than thirty minutes into the film.

Anyway: Joe movie:

Pretty darn good blockbuster fare.  What?  This movie was clearly not AIMING for the Oscars and it clearly succeeded.  Yes, it wasn't perfect, but I put it far and above the Transformers movie.  And the ratio of Joe to Transformer stuff I own, pretty much zero to infinity here.  Not a huge Joe fan, but the movie was nice.  It had goofy stuff (Not-quite-cobra's main base; the Joe's giant subcarrier.  The Joe's desert-based base, the giant submarine combat training facility in the desert base, and the ocean sized pool it is in (complete with PTs firing live ammo while subs train underneath, gloriously old-school goofy, and the mole attack was nice) the action sequences were very well paced and you could see what was going on in them without any trouble, and the movie had just the right amount of plot for it's running length.

Bad?  The Everyone Went To School Together phenomonen is in strong force (and if you needed a leader-type Joe and one still newer to the organization, why not go with Flint rather than Duke?  Duke's the force on-site commander, pretty much, that's a big step up from raw meat).  And the flashbacks.  I don't think it was necessary to tie everyone together emotionally, but not bad.

I also argued with a friend on the way out that as cool as they were (and boring as they look on figures) the accel suits were given to the newbies to bring them up to everyone else's level (Scarlet caught up with themon an ordinary motorcycle she'd borrowed, no special equipment.  'them' being two accel suits, and possibly the coolest single SUV ever placed on film). 

Still, great popcorn flick, fun action movie, await the sequal with eagerness, with Transformers was as strong this summer.