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GenCon wrapup

Went with a friend to GenCon, I'll try to hit the high points.

So my hotel wasn't very close so I couldn't stay for late stuff... I did get the late Dragonlance panel (which was interesting, some good stories of the early, even flier-by-night days of TSR.  (Tracy Hickman, to this day, apparently has a habit of wrapping his legs around his chair legs when writing due to a defensive habit generated on a very slopey floor in a hotel in Lake Geneva; TSR hadn't fixed all the support beams on the north side when the south side was rusty, and he was in constant danger of heading into the street).  The panel was a little marred by, after a fun Q&A session (I actually did ask a question about which module was the easiest to adapt; and it was pointed out that the last two books were written before the modules, which was much easier than the other way), where there was a... tribute(?) type thing by a guy in the online community that... well, I suppose was heartfelt, but it defined obsessed fan.  I was next to two people cosplaying and they agreed with me he was over the top.

I did get some rp in, acouple sessions.  A great mutants and masterminds session (best part was a guy getting really to show off since the GM was pumping hero points in cause a 'midboss' was going down too fast) and a fair Feng Shui session... the Feng Shui could've been done in any system.  It was a DS9 game, and I was hoping phasers akimbo on the Promenade... this was instead a pretty straightforward go in and blow a dungeon.  Saw a panel for a 'whacky' game session, and it reminded me of some of my high school sessions, but with much better jokes.

I did get to play a lot of Battletech.  A lot of Battletech to the point that my friend who was there judging Magic nonstop thought I played a lot. :)  The presenters were fun, they could match me lore for lore.  And some absolutely gorgeous minis.  The downside was that I learend here that the Robotech Unseen (you know, Warhammer, Phoenix Hawk, Marauder... the ones that tend to actually show up on covers) weren't actually freed up yet, so it turns out it was only a partial victory. Damn. 

I did get in some Catan with some newcomers, that was fun.  I saw Aaron Williams, a local comic book guy (our con schedules don't match; he doesn't do most of the locals) and writer and picked up his new series and talked a little, that was fun.  Picked up Cthulu Tech from the Catalyst guys (not Battletech related, surprisingly) and some art books.  Asked the Wizards guy if they had a new fumbles deck, since the presponderence of spells this edition means spell fumbles show up a lot and kill us all (he actually laughed when I discribed our little 'lance of faith disco ball of death' incident). 

Saw Champions Online (in the open beta) they weren't talking about crafting at all and that was some flags. It's more 'actiony' than CoX, but I don't think it's necessarily any faster-paced than a CoX group.   I don't think I'm signing up for the game (not because of the demos, they did fine) since it doesn't lend itself to grouping, etc, and I've quit CoX.  Also saw Dragon Age, which, well, reminded me of Oblvion from what I saw, but I'm withholding final judgement.

All in all, it was interesting, I learned some things for next year.  Primarily:  sign up for stuff earlier, just go and get the reservations for the hotel, remember to sign up for events early... and this year reinforced sign up for as much as possible.  Generic tickets get you pretty well into things, but for the popular panels, it pays to reserve your seat.$$$